Epic Games ‘Reused Popular Character Model From 1998 Game’

You’d think that Epic Games would have the time, the resources and the money to make each and every one of its Fortnite characters entirely unique, but it seems that might not be the case.

Over on Reddit, a Fortnite player by the name of kejdi2137 discovered that the game’s character Ramirez might actually have been an asset flip or reused model of another character from a different Unreal game.

Credit: Epic Games

The Redditor writes: “I recently found out Ramirez and protagonist of [the] first Unreal game are super similar. Do you think Epic intended that?”

Check out the comparison image below [via Reddit].

Epic Games/Unreal/Reddit kejdi2137

Whether or not this is a coincidence or intentional is something that’s being hotly debated on the Reddit thread.

One user commented: “After watching the video someone posted the other day which outlines the evolution of the art style from the start of development until the release of beta, it would have had to be a nice coincidence later down the line. The characters were drastically different and they didn’t have a full roster for a long time, just honesty, penny, kyle, and one or two ninjas (can’t remember exactly).”

Credit: Epic Games

Another said: “It’s pretty common for devs to do stuff like this. Either taken inspiration from the old model, reimagined it or just completely modernized it.”

Although it’s not clear whether intentional or not, it looks like a bit too much of a coincidence for me!

In other Fortnite news, the new Pandora Rift Zone is now live, along with a whole bunch of goodies including the new Psycho Bundle.

The latest new content comes courtesy of a collaboration between Epic Games and Gearbox, which is releasing Borderlands 3 in just a few weeks’ time.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games