Epic Games Store Offers Free Game Each Week For New Summer Sale

Is it enough though?

Credit: Lionsgate Games

The controversial Epic Games Store has kicked off the early summer in style, offering a whopping great sale with up to 75% off its many games.

On top of that, any game you pick up that’s over £14 GBP/$15 USD will grant you an additional £10/$10 discount, courtesy of Epic.

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Credit: Epic Games

Along with the crazy cheap prices, Epic’s offering even more free games than the usual two a month we’ve become used to.

There’ll be one new free game every week, starting with Stories Untold up until May 23. From May 23- 30 you’ll be able to grab yourself indie classic, Rime.

It looks like each title will remain free for one week, as opposed to the usual two. They do stay in your library though!


Credit: Lionsgate Games

On some games, Epic is even offering the discount as no cost to the developer. On Twitter, Mike Bithell, writer of the upcoming John Wick Hex confirmed the news, saying: “John Wick Hex is available for preorder. Epic are doing a ridiculous ‘they pay bulk of that preorder cost’ promo.

“If you’re so inclined, that means you can currently preorder the game for £4.39 or your local currency.”

Bithell went on to add: “Yeah, we get paid in full.. this is Epic paying towards your bar tab, not the drinks being cheaper.

“Appreciate those asking having our backs, but order guilt free if you’re a preorder type person, we get the same cut as if you were paying full price.”

Other notable discounted games include Heavy Rain, Ashen, Close to the Sun and Beyond: Two Souls.

Hate to say it, but this really is a sweet deal. Maybe Epic has a chance at winning gamers over after all…?

Credit: Epic Games

Check out all the bargains on the Epic Store right here.

Let us know if you pick anything up!

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate Games

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