Epic Games Will Continue To Pick Up Exclusive Games, Says CEO

The Epic Store is a place fraught with controversy. From accusations of security concerns, to outrage over games like Metro Exodus getting exclusivity, it’s safe to say that not too many PC gamers are happy with Epic Games.

Unfortunately for those who dislike the Epic Store, it looks like it’s going to get even more exclusive titles in the future.

Credit: Epic Games

Over on Twitter, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney addressed some of the issues, saying that Epic will still look at exclusivity deals even if they were previously planned for a Steam release.

The controversy stems from Metro Exodus, which was pulled from Steam in favour of the Epic Store just a few weeks before launch.

Credit: Epic Games

Gamers aren’t happy with the news from Sweeney, with several Twitter users calling him a “liar,” with his new statement appearing to contradict what was previously explained at GDC.

Credit: Valve

One gamer even accused Sweeney and Epic of caring more about exclusivity deals than its users.

It seems the controversy is no closer to an end, as the recently-announced Borderlands 3 appears to be an Epic exclusive.

Although it’s not yet been confirmed or denied by Gearbox or 2K Games, the Epic logo can clearly be seen at the end of the most recent Borderlands trailer video.

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games