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Everybody’s Golf Online Services Shutting Down Later This Year

PlayStation has announced that the servers for Everybody’s Golf will be taken down later this year.

Announced on the official page for Everybody’s Golf, the online servers for the game will be shutting down September 30. “All online features (including online multiplayer modes) will cease on that date,” reads the message on the page. You will still be able to play and enjoy the game in single-player offline modes.

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Gematsu outlined a list of all the features that will no longer be available, which are:

  • Open Course selection.
  • Participation in International Tournaments.
  • Turf War.
  • Checking the latest Daily Ranking.
  • Checking the latest Copy Ranking.
  • Partial viewing of the Notice Box.
  • Partial browsing of This Month’s Items.
  • Partial browsing of Last Month’s Items.
  • Purchase and use of Warp Medals.
  • Acquisition of some items related to fishing.
  • Reporting of players.
  • Viewing of latest Profile Card plus number of times copied.
  • Partial browsing of the Library.
  • Acquisition of the Platinum Trophy “Push it to the Limit!”
  • Acquisition of the Gold Trophy “Walking Encyclopaedia.”
  • Acquisition of the Bronze Trophy “Online Debut.”

It’s a big shame that the online feature for the game will be going down. Everybody’s Golf first released in August 2017. Which means the features only lasted around five years. Developer Clap Hanz has not released a statement as to why the online features are being closed down.

Japan Studio assisted on development, which closed down in April 2021, which could always be a factor. But the most likely scenario is that there are simply not enough players to justify maintain the servers.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment/ Clap Hanz