Fake Fortnite Apps Are Already Spreading Malware For Android Users 

Epic Games, the company behind the worldwide smash-hit Fortnite, had kept Android users waiting long enough to get their hands on the game for mobile. 

Fortnite became available for iOS way back in March of this year, but it’s only just released on Android – and it’s not available on the Google Play Store. 

Epic Games previously announced that it had decided to not release the game through the more traditional method of the Play Store, instead opting to release it through its own client. 

Epic confirmed this was due to the fact that Google Play would take 30% of microtransactions if the game was to be downloadable from the Play Store. 

People speculated on how it might be potentially unsafe for users to download Fortnite for Android from the Epic client, as it wouldn’t be as heavily regulated or as secure as the Play Store, and now it sounds like those fears have come to fruition… 

According to a report from Wired, as many as seven fake Fortnite-for-Android sites were discovered – within hours of Epic confirming they wouldn’t be offering the game through the Play Store. 

Wired writes: “Analysis from mobile security company Lookout found that each of those sites distributed malware to anyone who fell for the scam.” 

Oh dear! 

The Google Play Store is very careful when it comes to fake or dangerous apps, with a massive amount of security and built-in malware protection. 

If you want to download Fortnite for your Android device, make sure you’re downloading it only from EpicGames.com, as any other outlet could put your phone and personal data at risk. 

YouTube video

The malware issue may be a cause for concern for younger players of Fortnite, with parents often worrying about the game’s content and ‘addictive qualities.’  

If your children play Fortnite on Android, make sure you know where it’s been downloaded from! 

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