Fall Guys Are Terrifying Creatures Who Need To Be Killed With Fire

Fall Guys’ Fall Guys may look cute as a button on the outside, but it seems those colourful beans are hiding a pretty terrifying secret.

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In case you didn’t know, Fall Guys’ official Twitter account has pretty much taken over the platform, delivering gem after gem of memes and top-tier content. One of their latest tweets has set the internet ablaze, leaving players’ quaking in their boots because, oh god, we did NOT know this was a horror game?!

Fall Guys has officially (well…”officially”) made it canon that the loveable beans are actually husks containing a skeleton straight out of your worst nightmares.


Not only has it been confirmed that the characters’ canon height is a whopping six foot, but they also house a twisted and bent skeleton with eyes on stalks. Yeah…

Check it out below.

According to the tweet, this monstrosity is “Official Fall Guys Artwork by Senior Concept Artist, Tudor Morris.” You can see more of their work right here.


If the artwork isn’t terrifying enough, just imagine the adorable Fall Guys waddling walk…performed by whatever the heck this thing actually is. *Shudder.* As much as I love me some Fall Guys, this thing needs to be killed with fire, ASAP.

Credit: Devolver Digital

The tweet was followed up with a poll (which is still live at the time of writing). The poll asks gamers to vote on their opinions of the skeleton thing, giving you the chance to vote to make it non-canon. Of course, with it being Fall Guys, your vote actually might mean nothing, even if you do try and Big Yeetus the art from your memory caverns.

“You have 3 options,” tweeted Fall Guys. “1) We pretend that the last tweet was a joke and we never talk about it again. 2) It’s just the way it is, we accept it, but we don’t talk about it. 3) We accept it and we celebrate their true form. Bring on the fan art!”


Stay tuned for the poll results on Twitter here!

Featured Image Credit: Devolver Digital