Of course it has.

Fall Guys has been turned into a sex game

Thanks to open source sex toy technology, your new favourite battle royale game has been transformed into something much more risque.

That’s right, Fall Guys is now a sex game.

Essentially whatever your toy of choice, can mimic the vibration of your controller. It’s done using the Intiface Games Haptics Router, a piece of tech from creator Kyle Machulis that turns games into “intimate interaction environments”.

The revelation was tested out by Daily Dot reporter Ana Valens who streamed the experience.

Only vibrators can be used on the IGHR so far, but support for other toys is apparently coming in a future update.

In other, perhaps more wholesome Fall Guys news, the ‘Battle of the Brands’ competition drew to a close yesterday with a staggering $1m join donation from Aim Lab, G2 Esports, Ninja, and Mr Beast. 

YouTube video

It all started when developer Mediatonic challenged a number of brands which had been posting mockup Fall Guys skins to do their bit by donating to the UK charity Special Effect.

Whoever made the biggest donation would have their own skin immortalised in the game, while also helping out a charity that does some incredible work.

Thanks to the winning donation being a group effort, the game will stay true to its word, by launching 4 brand new skins for all the parties involved. There’s no concrete date on when these will be released, but Mediatonic says it will now begin working with the winners to collaborate on each skin.

Featured image credit: Devolver Digital