Fall Guys Reveals Ultimate Punishment For Hackers: ‘Cheater Island’

Fall Guys has had a bit of a cheating problem and the developers have now revealed just how they (temporarily) fought back against the hordes of hackers.

Taking to Twitter to share the epic saga, Fall Guys revealed the team created what they call “Cheater Island,” a place for only the sneakiest and cheat-iest of Fall Guys cheaters.

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Credit: Devolver Digital

According to the devs, a secret new playlist for the Battle Royale had been crafted behind-the-scenes. Instead of being filled with your typical See Saws and Slime Climbs, the secret playlist was populated with cheaters detected by the team.

As the team explained on Twitter, if you were flagged by their anti-cheat system, the “next time you tried to matchmake, you would only be able to matchmake with other cheaters.”

If you found yourself on Cheater Island, you’d be fighting for the crown against 59 other bonafide cheaters, which I can imagine was definitely a match for the ages. Picture 60 beans flying across the levels to touch the crown and you can kind of imagine the chaos that ensued.

Credit: Devolver Digital

Interestingly, Fall Guys also revealed just how Cheater Island’s matchmaking proved more troublesome than you might think.

“Cheaters are very smart If they know they’ve been tagged as a cheater – they’ll work out what caused them to be tagged – and they’ll tell other cheaters,” said the Twitter account.

“Now, if you can imagine: You need 40+ players to actually populate a game. Cheater Island isn’t a location in the real world… Cheater Island had it’s own set of global servers You’d need enough cheaters in your region in order to start a Cheater Island game.

“If there weren’t enough cheaters… you’d all just be falling forever…”

When faced with complains of forever-falling bugs, Fall Guys knew that many of these complaints weren’t glitches, but instead part of the curse of Cheater Island. Clever, huh?

If you were hoping to experience Cheater Island for yourself, it’s important to note that the secret playlist has now been removed from the game. New anti-cheat measures will be revealed today (Tuesday 15) when the next patch for the game goes live.

Featured Image Credit: Devolver Digital