Fan-Created Half-Life 3 Now Has Its Own Playable Demo

Let’s face it, Valve’s definitely not going to be releasing a new Half-Life game. The possibility of getting an actual sequel to Half-Life 2 has been memed on so much now that there’s probably a better chance of Silent Hills going back into development than us getting HL3 (RIP, Silent Hills).

However, all is not yet lost, as one fan has been hard at work creating his own version of Half-Life 3, and the demo is now playable for everyone [via DSOGaming].

Credit: Valve

Sharing the news on Twitter, creator Denys Almaral writes: “Making my own #HalfLife3 because I’m too old to wait for Valve ( Using @UnrealEngine with free assets only from the marketplace, ask me for the links.”

The insanely cool-looking playable demo has been downloaded so many time since its announcement that the creator has had to move the file elsewhere to cope with the traffic.

On the demo’s download page, Almaral shares a little more detail about the creation of the project.

“I started  as a level design test with Unreal Engine 4.  It was looking nice, I told on twitter I was making Half Life 3 because I can’t wait for valve. It went almost viral. Hope people understand is a joke,  a single person can’t make that huge project.  That deserve a bigger and serious team,” he said.

Credit: Valve

“You can download and play the level on Windows, it just walk around.

“…I’ll try to add more sounds and interactivity, maybe some weapons. I was thinking about designing a relaxing and quiet waiting place.  So you can go there and [feel] like you are Gordon Freeman waiting for Half Life 3.”

Check out the demo in action below!

YouTube video

Maybe we don’t need Valve after all…?

Credit: Valve

(Just kidding. Please Valve. Please just make Half-Life 3).

Featured Image Credit: Valve