Zelda Breath Of The Wild Mod Allows You To Play In First-Person

The Nintendo Switch’s The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of the best games you can buy for the console, offering up beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay and a huge open world to explore.

Credit: Nintendo

Launching alongside the Switch back in 2017, BOTW skyrocketed the console to success, and still appears on the Switch bestsellers list to this day.

Despite being a hugely expansive world with a million and one things to do in it, it’s likely that by now you’ve probably seen all there is to see of this iteration of Hyrule. It’s been two years after all.

If you have, then you might want to check out the amazing world of mods – more specifically – the mod which turns the game into a first-person adventure [via PCGamer].

Credit: Nintendo

You can check out the mod in all its glory below, as played by BSoD Gaming. Honestly, it really is something special.

YouTube video

Running at an impressive 60 frames-per-second in whatever resolution tickles your fancy, the mod switches back to third person for swimming, climbing and locking onto an enemy, but as for traversing Hyrule? Yep, you can do it all in first-person.

Sharing their appreciation for the video in its comments, one user writes: “Ok so Zelda Breath of the Wild officially become Fantasy Skyrim from this exact moment.”

Another added: “They day where we can play this in Full first person VR at 60fps or higher is closer than what i expected.”

Credit: Nintendo

Whether you love or hate mods, they’re definitely an amazing way to breathe new life into even the most well-loved of games.

Check out BSoD Gaming’s channel for a look at even more jaw-droppingly-cool Breath of the Wild mods.

What do you think of The Legend of Zelda in first-person?

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo