Fans Petition For Days Gone 2 After Its Reported Rejection By Sony

Fans are starting to campaign for Sony to greenlight Days Gone 2 following reports that the company rejected the developers’ pitch for a sequel.

Days Gone screenshot
Credit: Sony

According to a recent report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, it is claimed that Sony rejected the sales pitch for a sequel to the 2019 open-world horror.

Although the first game had been profitable, its development had been lengthy and critical reception was mixed, so a Days Gone 2 wasn’t seen as a viable option,” writes Schreier in the report.

days gone
Credit: Bend Studio

Days Gone was developed by Bend Studio and it could be considered to be an unsung PlayStation 4 hero game, despite generating quite decent sale numbers.

In my opinion, with the incredibly high standards already set by the likes of Uncharted 4, God of War (2018), and Horizon Zero Dawn, even a good game such as Days Gone could be considered below-par.

YouTube video

Even though the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic, open-world genre has been done to death, I still very much enjoyed Days Gone and I’m personally disappointed to hear of these reports of rejection. 

However, it seems that I am far from alone in this sentiment as fans online are already banding together to let their voices be heard.

A Days Gone fan on Twitter tagged Head of PlayStation Studios, Herman Hulst, Bend Studio, PlayStation, and Sony encouraging fellow fans to retweet to let the big wigs in charge know that we want a Days Gone 2.

If you want a sequel for Days Gone, LIKE & RETWEET Let’s show Playstation how much we want Days Gone 2,” said TigerCA123 in a tweet.

At this time it’s debatable as to whether retweet campaigns like this will make a difference, but at the time of writing (April 12th), the tweet has received over 2,600 retweets and close to 6,000 likes. It’s far from the only cry for a Days Gone 2, with social media awash with people lamenting the reported decision.

There’s also a petition for the movement, which currently has over seven thousand signatures. From the responses to the news, it’s clear that fans really want a Days Gone 2.

Do you believe that Sony and PlayStation will listen to fans on the topic of Days Gone 2?  Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Bend Studio