Fans Have Realised A Pop-Punk Classic Goes With Every Anime Intro

If you’re an anime fan, then you’ll be aware of the magic of anime intros. Not only do they manage to somehow introduce every character in a show while providing some context, but they also feature some pretty catchy tunes. However, anime intros do have another secret quirk, as for some reason, they’re all perfectly in sync with All Time Low’s Dear Maria, Count Me In. Pretty weird, right?

All Time Low Anime Intros
Credit: Hopeless Records

Discovered by anime fans on TikTok, this weird coincidence seems to apply to most anime introduction sequences. However, there’s something remarkable about the consistency of this phenomenon. Check it out!

So, what’s the deal here? Why does every anime intro match up to this pop-punk bop? Well, the internet doesn’t seem to provide a definitive answer. However, there’s reason to suggest that there’s a musical explanation for the whole affair. According to a Reddit thread asking the same question, the coincidence could be the result of both anime soundtracks and All Time Low using a similar time signature.

Regardless of why this classic emo anthem syncs up with anime, it’s nice to see everyone rediscovering this golden era of mid-2000s rock. There’s also something to be said about the fact that so many All Time Low fans just so happen to be anime lovers. I mean, who’d have thought it?

There’s plenty you can find on TikTok, YouTube and all over the web so why not see if your favourite anime has been given the treatment? And, if not, why not try it yourself?

YouTube video

Do you have another explanation for this pop-punk Anime coincidence? Do you have any other songs you think will fit anime intros? Let us know. And check out this fun homage to anime intros below!

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