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Yuffie Voice Actor Reveals How She Would Defeat Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII is made up of a lot of memorable characters. All of the protagonists have their moments to stand out. Back when the original game released though there were two characters that could be missing from your party in the final battle to save the world. Two that didn’t even get the opportunity to appear in the final cutscenes even if they weren’t missing.

One of them was Vincent Valentine. The mysterious and moody coffin dweller that became an emo icon. A character that we know will no doubt appear in the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake at some point but have not yet been introduced to.

Yuffie in FF7 Remake Intergrade
Credit: Square Enix

The second character is everyone’s favourite Final Fantasy ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi. We’ve been able to get our first taste of Yuffie in the Final Fantasy VII Remake universe and already she’s feeling like a much more developed character. The expansion DLC to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5, INTERmission, allows you to revisit Midgar and see some iconic moments from a different perspective whilst playing as Yuffie.


Recently I had the chance to talk to the English voice actor behind Yuffie, Suzie Yeung. We spoke about a range of things and the full interview will appear on GameByte soon. One thing I found particularly interesting to hear though was how she thought Yuffie would defeat Sephiroth.

YouTube video

Defeating Sephiroth

“She would summon a Fat Chocobo and squish him.” Yeung tells me. Which would definitely be an interesting way to defeat someone so powerful.

“I think she would beat him in the most unconventional goofiest way. So yeah, I think she would she would whittle them down with her shuriken and her Ninjitsu but ultimately finish it off with a bang.”


Hopefully we get to see Yuffie take on the best SOLDIER in the world at some point in the Remake universe. She proves she can kick butt in INTERmission. It’s going to exciting seeing what the team behind Final Fantasy VII Remake do with Part 2.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and INTERmission are out now on PlayStation 5. Gamers that own Final Fantasy VII on PS4 (and didn’t get it through PS+) can upgrade to PS5 for free. What did you think of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Let us know over on Twitter. Looking to check out the game? Why not pick it up from the GameByte Shop?

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