Fans Rage As Rockstar Games Resets GTA Online Cheater Accounts

Rockstar Games is taking some serious action against those who cheat in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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The company is apparently putting its foot down when it comes to those cheating in GTA Online, serving up swift account resets for anyone caught trying to unbalance the playing field.

The news was first announced last month, but now the account resets have officially begun and gamers aren’t happy. Not only is the game now flooded with “new” players i.e. those who’ve accounts have been reset; but social media is also filled with people who have deemed the resets “unfair.”

One user tweeted: “BAD move resetting all those accounts, now look at your reputation. I spent 7 years, grinding, collection special edition items, completing missions, building my businesses to just get reset. All that time wasted, why the f*CK would anyone play this game…This game was already full with modders, god mode user’s and griefers. Now that people are down to level 1 and lost all that time playing, they would just buy a modded account which obviously you don’t reset. GTA was already toxic, now it will be brutal”

Others are claiming that their accounts have been wiped due to the actions of friends and family members who have used shared accounts.

Players are also claiming that even having taken advantage of so much as one glitch has led to their accounts being wiped, though of course these claims have not been verified.

One user tweeted: “F*ck you rockstar I spend 9 months playing nonstop gta all day I grind buy cars one by one I spend so much time in past 9 months in gta. now you reset my gta account for doing one glitch why rockstar you could’ve take the money that I made from that glitch why restart account.”

Rockstar has yet to respond to the outcry, though it’s believed that all decision regarding the resets will be final. Have you been reset by Rockstar?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games