Female Streamer Exposes Sexist & Racist Abuse Received During Match

A female gamer has called out her competitors for their torrent of sexist remarks by sharing a video of the incident to social media.

Chassidy ‘Cupcake’ Kaye took to Twitter to share a clip of the online abuse, which you can watch for yourself in the tweet below [via Dexerto].

Credit: Pixabay

In the clip Cupcake asks: “Am I the only one shooting this shield, right now?”

A male team member responds with: “I’m sorry, I’m the only one who’s gonna say this, can you get on Mercy?”

When challenged by Cupcake, who asked if this was how the players treated every female player in their games, she was told to “Shut the f*ck up and make [them] sandwiches.”

Credit: Blizzard

She’s also subjected to a flood of other hateful and derogatory comments, being told that women have a “lower IQ,” and being told to “mop the floors.” Another team member can be heard using a racist slur.

Instead of letting the trolls get the best of her, Cupcake instead shared the story to Twitter. She wrote: “in case anyone has forgotten what its like to be a female who plays overwatch (:”

The exposure of the hateful abuse has caused a flurry of anger on Twitter, where people (rightfully) are still floored by the behaviour.

One Twitter user responded: “Imagine still being racist/sexist in 2019.
I’m going to hope that all of them are just teens acting out over summer break… Doesn’t make it right but I’m hoping these aren’t adults.”

Another called for Blizzard to ban the accounts of the bullies, writing: “Hardware and IP bans please. I wish Blizz would purge community of people like this.”

Blizzard has yet to comment on the incident.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay