Final Fantasy 16 Producer Says Fans Should “Look Forward To” PC Version

With Final Fantasy 16 currently being exclusive to PlayStation 5, its producer has revealed fans should “look forward to” its PC version. 

With FF16 finally out in the world, talk has already turned to how long fans will have to wait before it comes to PC. Luckily, producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida has spoken more about when the game’s exclusivity will end. 

Final Fantasy 16 Producer Says Fans Should “Look Forward To” PC Version

As it stands, FF16 is currently under a 6-month PS5 exclusivity deal. Once that ends, however, we can expect it to make its way to PC any time after that. 

Although that means we are yet to receive a time frame, Yoshi-P reveals how the process is currently going over at Square Enix. 

In a recent live-stream spotted by PC Gamer, he revealed that Square Enix hasn’t “had the time to optimise the PC version”. Instead, the team were understandably focused on getting the game ready for its PS5 launch.

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More specifically, he talks about how the team is focused on creating seamless loading screens for FF16’s PC port. 

“We will be sharing more about the PC version when the time is right, please look forward to it,” Yoshida added.

Fans Can Expect A Wait

Although this is seemingly good news, back in March, Yoshida warned fans that they shouldn’t expect the PC port as soon as the 6-month exclusivity ends. 

“First of all, it is true that Final Fantasy 16 is a six-month limited-time exclusive on the PS5 platform,” he said. “However, it is a completely different story that the PC version will be released in half a year. I will make it clear, but the PC version will not come out in half a year.”

So it remains to be seen when PC players can get their hands on Final Fantasy 16. However, with raving reviews from both critics and the public, it may just be worth the wait.

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