Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Brings In Classic PS1 Combat

The latest Final Fantasy VII Remake mod changes the game so that it plays more like the original PS1 game.

These days, the Final Fantasy series skews more towards real-time, action heavy combat. If you want the classic gameplay of old, you will need to look at their newer, smaller titles. But a new Final Fantasy VII Remake mod throws in a little bit of the old to mix in with the new. The mod, called Classic Combat and More, alters the Remake version of the ATB system to be like the original PS1 version.

In FF7R, the ATB system chargers up when you do damage against an opponent. Once you have a bar, you can do a variety of special moves. But in the original, it slowly charges over time, and that’s how it works in the FF7R mod. Dodging and blocking now halts the ATB gauge, and the limit break gauge only increases when you take damage. 

final fantasy 7 remake
Credit: Square Enix

The mod also makes it so that materia can affect your stats, both positively and negatively. You will also have to keep a closer eye on your MP gauge, as it doesn’t automatically recharge anymore. And summons do their big attack instantly rather than hanging around to fight off enemies. 

The mod doesn’t just change gameplay mechanics, but names of items and materia too. For example, Healing has been changed to Restore, and Amplify to All. And in the menu screen, the character renders have been replaced by their original designs from character designer Tetsuya Nomura. Overall, it looks like a really great mod if you fancy something closer to the original game.

The modding scene for FF7R has quickly taken hold. One of the best (or worst depending on how you feel about clowns) is easily this Ronald McDonald x Sephiroth mod. If anything, it certainly builds some kind of atmosphere.

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix