Fire Emblem Engage, which was previously leaked, has now been revealed

A leaked Fire Emblem game has been officially revealed by Nintendo, and we now know its name – Fire Emblem Engage.

The last Fire Emblem game was Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It reworked the combat of the series, introduced three new groups of characters and a sprawling storyline.

Fire Emblem Engage appears to be taking things back to a more traditional battle style. However, there’s one big twist – you can summon old heroes from past Fire Emblem games. Characters like Marth, Celica, Sigurd and Roy will return as summons to aid you in battle.

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In Engage, you’ll play as a new main character called Alear. After waking up from a thousand year long sleep, Alear finds them-self at the center of a battle. A looming threat, the Fell Dragon, is on the brink of being re-awakened.

Engage takes place in the lane of Elyos. It was once besieged by the Fell Dragon, but powerful warriors were able to seal it away.

Gameplay Features

The game will feature free-roaming areas with various shops to visit. It looks similar to the school from Three Houses which players could roam around it.

Characters will be customisable, with different outfits and cosmetics to apply to each of them. Each one will also have their own class, much like previous Fire Emblem games.

It seems that certain characters will potentially be summon-able, judging by the teasers shown at the start of the trailer. However, we don’t have any confirmation of this yet. These characters include Ike, Lyn, erika, Lucina, Leif and Corrin.

Fire Emblem Engage will release on January 20th, 2023. So there’s not much longer to wait if you’re a Fire Emblem fan. It’ll be Nintendo’s first big game of the year – a year also home to another huge title, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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