First Images of the New Pokemon Film Featuring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu have been Leaked

A guy going by the name of @HowardBud on Twitter claims to have stumbled upon the props and the set for the up and coming Detective Pikachu film. Here are the images of the props:

In the middle of the crest it says ‘Police Department Ryme City – Human Pokemon Partnership’

We hope that under those tarps are Pokemon themed police cars. How great would it be to see Pikachu racing around in a police car with his own face on the side.

This is arguably the most interesting part of the leak. It shows that two large Rock type Pokemon are ‘missing’. Could this be integral to the storyline of Detective Pikachu.

The one and only Ryan Reynolds is set to play the small yellow detective in the upcoming film. Which seems like a bit of an odd choice especially as the internet was determined to get Danny DeVito cast as the leading role. The 41-year-old actor is set to play the iconic Pokemon in the spin-off film.
This film may seem a little out of the blue but there was actually a Pokemon game released in Japan last year around Pikachu being a detective. This is obviously Hollywoods attempt to Westernise this game, in movie form. The game is still not released into the western world but if the film performs well then it may be up for a worldwide release. Hopefully they also get Ryan Reynolds to voice Pikachu in the Western version of the game. Who doesn’t want to be a crime fighting pokemon voiced by a man who was previously Deadpool?

Personally I still would have preferred Danny DeVito for the role, but that’s just me. (And a few thousand other internet users).