Rainbow 6 Siege gets a Zombie mode and Anthem Delayed Until 2019 – Gaming News

The past week in gaming saw a lot of vagueness in terms of games in development and release dates. EA’s Anthem sounds like it won’t be releasing until 2019 and new Halo, Forza, Gears of War and Dragon Age have all been mentioned. Unfortunately none of them have been given a proper announcement but it’s a given that they’re not in development. As always if you prefer your news roundup in video form make sure to watch the video at the bottom.

God of War actually got a solid release date, which was nice to see, and it’s much sooner than you might think. Kratos and Son will be beating up bad guys and gods on April 20th. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new entry in the franchise and, judging from what we’ve seen, this could very well make the wait worthwhile.

Snoop Dogg was caught out for fake streaming on Twitch and people weren’t happy. Apart from Snoop. Snoop seemed pretty damn happy about the whole thing and even though it all seemed to be a publicity stunt it was still amusing watching the D O double G pretending to play a game. Read that here!

The first images of the set of the Detective Pikachu film have been leaked to the public. Starring Ryan Reynolds, of Deadpool fame, as everyone’s favourite electric mouse the set is looking great. We especially love the “missing” posters. You can see all the pictures here.

Epic has seen great success with Fortnite since launching Battle Royale but it seems its success will come at the cost of one of its titles. Paragon, the 3D Moba from Epic, was a flashy experience that just never seemed to take off. Epic have been moving staff over from the game to Fortnite for a little while now and it was confirmed that the plug will be pulled on the game in April. If you’ve bought anything in the game Epic are offering a full refund though, which is nice of them.

On top of all that there was also some interesting news about the Xbox Games Pass, Rainbow Six Siege and more. If you’d like to get more of your news fix from the past week to make sure you’re definitely up to speed then make sure to check out the video below.

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