The Price of PC Gaming Parts Is Sky-Rocketing But Not For The Reason You Would Have Thought

We all long to build that dream PC so we can game in glorious 200 fps while sipping our Mountain Dew and crunching on our red hot Doritos but the prices of these top tier PC components have skyrocketed in recent months. This is making the dream of owning that top end PC a little harder for many gamers. The reason is that many people are buying the best GPU’s to mine bitcoin and alike with. This means there is more demand for these parts which ultimately means retailers and alike can sell them for more.

GPU’s that would have normally sold for around $300 are now going for nearer the $600 mark. This is not a huge increase in price but it is nearly the price of a next generation console. This has lead more people to their PC gaming aspirations on hold for now and stick to console gaming. This price increase isn’t the first time that this has happened either. Back in 2013 cryptocurrency miners sent AMDs prices for their latest equipment shooting up. Fortunately this didn’t last too long but having said that there was a lot less hype and general knowledge around the subject of cryptocurrency. These prices could stay fairly high for a few months at least so don’t hold your breath!

Although this may be a great investment for some miners it has angered a large amount of the PC gaming community. Many of these gamers saying that the prices are already high enough without Cryptocurrency miners increasing them even more. A new GPUs may be a great investment for miners but not everyone is happy about it. Either reason you purchase these PC components we are sure that Nvidia and AMD are going to be happy about the long-term impact on their own revenue.

Are you looking to invest in a gaming PC and have these price increases put you off buying one for now? Let us know if you have been affected by these changes and what you have decided to do in the meantime!