Five-Year World Record Minecraft Run Ends In The Saddest Way

A spider and a baby zombie have brought an end to the world record-breaking Minecraft run held by Twitch streamer Philza [via Polygon].

Philza’s five-year run on none other than the game’s Hardcore mode has officially come to an end, but damn, five years without dying in Hardcore is something that really has to be seen to be believed.

Credit: Mojang

The legendary run was brought to its knees when Philza, who has faced up against the spider and the baby zombie, who tag-teamed him into what might be the saddest death in Minecraft, ever.

Oh and the baby zombie was on fire, which definitely made the situation about a million times worse.

Check out the very sad death in the clip below, where an upset Philza brands himself as “f*cking stupid” for the death.

The moment is made even worse, as viewers have since pointed out that with the items at Philza’s disposal, he could have easily deflected the killing blows to keep his streak running.

With his golden apple and the use of a water bucket, Philza, who has close to 2000 subscribers on Twitch, might have seen a very different outcome.

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft or its Hardcore mode, it’s notoriously difficult as the name suggests.

Credit: Mojang

The mode means you can’t respawn and you’ll be playing on the hardest difficulty. Once you kick the bucket, you’re done-zo – even if you’ve kept the run going for FIVE YEARS.

If you’re planning on becoming the next Minecraft Hardcore no-deaths champion, you’d best start right now because it’s going to take a REALLY long time.

Credit: Mojang

For now, Philza’s set one seriously impressive Minecraft record and his skills can only be applauded. And hey, everyone makes mistakes every once in a while, right?

Featured Image Credit: Mojang