Former Xbox VP Will Buy PS5 Over Xbox Series X

In a tweet that took many of his followers by surprise, Mike Ybarra, the former Corporate Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, has declared on Twitter that when then new console generation arrives, he will be choosing the PS5 over the Xbox One Series X.

Personally, I think that now that Ybarra is Executive Vice President at Activision Blizzard, he has no reason to show blind loyalty to Microsoft and like all of us, it’s 100% up to us how we choose to game. However, it’s not like Ybarra has abandoned Microsoft as he did declare on the same Twitter thread that he will be playing Xbox exclusives on PC. He did also say that he wished “they were all on PC”, which I’m guessing that considering all Xbox exclusives are available on PC, he’s probably wishing that all PS5 exclusives would be available on PC too.

What do you make of Mike Ybarra’s loyalty?  Personally, I see no issue.  Both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 will release later this year.