Fornite Won’t Be Coming To Google Play Store So That Epic Can Make More Money

Fortnite is available on almost every platform in the world right now, with pretty much the only exception being for one breed of mobile gamers – Android users.

None-iOS mobile gamers have been patiently waiting for their version of the popular game, with the Apple-friendly Fortnite hitting mobiles back in March.

Unfortunately it looks like Android users might be in for some disappointment, as it’s been announced that Epic Games will not be offering Fortnite through the Google Play store. 

Talking to The Verge, CEO Tim Sweeney explained this is due to the fact that Google takes a 30% cut of any in-app purchases sold through their Google Play store. 

Sweeney explained: “The 30 percent store tax is a high cost in a world where game developers’ 70 percent must cover all the cost of developing, operating, and supporting their games. 

“There’s a rationale for this on console where there’s enormous investment in hardware, often sold below cost, and marketing campaigns in broad partnership with publishers. 

“[But for mobile games] 30 percent is disproportionate to the cost of the services these stores perform, such as payment processing, download bandwidth, and customer service.” 


Instead of releasing the game on the Google Play store, Epic Games has announced they will be distributing the Android-friendly version of the game through their own installer program, with Sweeney saying this will “maintain its direct relationship with consumers.” 

This is all well and good, but it’s not yet known what the actual effects of this will be. Apps sold through the Google Play store include extra security and privacy measures, which means that Epic’s installer might be less safe and secure.

There’s also no set release date for Fortnite on Android. Maybe it’s time to get yourself an iPhone if you just can’t wait any longer to play Fortnite on the go…