Fortnite’s ‘Brave Rescue’ Meme Memorialised In-Game

Last week the Fortnite community was left in hysterics thanks to YouTuber, Muselk and the brave attempted rescue of another player.

Dubbed as “The Greatest Rescue Mission In Fortnite,” Muselk stumbled across a fellow player who’d somehow gotten stuck outside of the map and Muse took it upon himself to ‘rescue’ the stuck player, who went by the name of Chaperdoodle.

The recording of the clip started making the rounds on Reddit, where it immediately got noticed as being one of the most hilarious Fortnite videos we’ve seen in a while.

The video got so huge that Epic Games even got in on the action, tweeting the clip out with the caption: “(Engineering x Good Intentions) + Miscalculations = [laughing emoji].”

Racking up nearly 4 million views, the video is now being cited as one of the best memes that Fortnite has ever seen.

As we all know by now, the game has just gotten its most recent update, and players have unearthed an in-game memorial to immortalise Chaperdoodle and the whole debacle, and it honestly couldn’t be funnier.

The memorial is comprised of a tombstone, along with a few nearby tyres to help any other player jump higher should they find themselves walking along Chaperdoodle’s path.

Fans are absolutely loving Epic Games’ involvement in the ever-growing Fortnite community, and this little homage to the meme will hopefully live on for ever – and maybe even save lives!

You can visit the memorial and pay your respects here thanks to Reddit user, StoreBrandEnigma, who captured the discovery and uploaded it for all to see.

And if you missed the original video from Muselk (or if you’re in need of a good laugh) you can check out the clip above.

R.I.P Chaperdoodle – gone but never forgotten.

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