No Man’s Sky Update Includes Free Weekly Content For Players

No Man’s Sky is infamous for breaking the hearts of millions of gamers when it launched back in 2016.

Despite a huge following in the gaming community, the procedurally-generated space exploration game just couldn’t live up to the promises it made, leaving No Man’s Sky purchasers to be disappointed in what some branded an ‘unfinished’ final product.

Now it’s two years later, and Hello Games is apparently making it up to us, with their new update which it’s calling NEXT. 

NEXT is available to download now, and the latest patch notes show that Hello Games definitely have some big plans for No Man’s Sky. 

Some of the upcoming changes includes a “first season of weekly content and community events,” which the game’s devs have confirmed will be “free for all players, with no microtransactions.” Taking part in these community missions isn’t essential, but it will unlock new rewards and customisations.

Sounds exciting – but that’s just a part of it! 

The patch notes detail all of the changes the game has planned for the future, and honestly, it’s an exhausting read, but it’s definitely going to keep fans happy. 

Everything from the exploration in the game to the crafting is getting revamped, with the notes promising that: “all core substances and resources have been reworked and rebalanced to increase consistency and realism” and “planetary resources have been expanded, with unique substances and items to find and refine based on the planet’s biome and weather, as well as stellar classification.” 

With “unique procedurally generated technology to upgrade your Exosuit, Multi-Tool and Starship,” more responsive creatures, improved animations plus a million and other one reasons to dust off your copy of No Man’s Sky, it seems we really are getting the game we were promised back in 2016. 

You can read the full patch notes and find out all the changes here. 

Are you excited for the changes? We are!