Latest Fortnite Update Looks to be the Best Yet – New Game Modes and 60fps On Consoles

Fortnite has had a few limited time game modes over its lifespan and Epic Games look like they aren’t going to be slowing these down. The next update to the game will have huge updates added to the game including some of those limited time game modes everyone loves to play.

As well as new game modes there is also an update to the Art and new cosmetic items have been added to the game.
Epic had this to say about the update to the items.

The Art team has been having a blast coming up with cool ideas for cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale. Since the holiday event we’ve enjoyed seeing the community embrace outfits like the Fort Knights and Disco Heroes. That trend towards more adventurous items will continue.

Concept art

Social updates

Many of us enjoy playing Fortnite with our friends. There have been improvements looked at to improve the way this system works. In the short term Epic will make it easier to find and play with your friends. However the long term plan is to completely rework the social features within Fortnite. This includes friends lists and chat lists.

This looks like it will first be coming to PC and then later to consoles. There may also be a “Looking for Group” feature to make it easier for you or your squad to find other players to enjoy the game with.

Other Updates

  • Improved building controls on console
  • Team Communication outside of voice chat
  • Ability to re-queue from the death screen
  • Ability to preemptively hold down the search button while approaching a searchable object
  • Display of how much ammo is loaded into a gun on the weapon widget
  • Larger map w/ zoom

New Game Modes

These will be implemented for a limited time only.
Modes that Epic Games are planning to run in the next month or so:

  • Blitz Mode – shorter matches
  • Drop into the first circle
  • Generally less time between circles
  • Team sizes in between 50v50 and squads
  • 50v50 v2

In this 50v50 mode there will be:

  • Closer to the 50v50 Trailer experience
  • Split to start
  • Converge on Battle
  • Bus for each team
  • See all your squad mates on the map

    • The other updates to the game will also mean that Epic can make other Limited time game modes which could include a ‘floor is lava’ game mode.

      Updates to Audio


      Above/below footsteps have been implemented. This means that different audio assets will play depending on another player’s position relative to you. This makes it much easier to work out where players are around you. Especially at the start of a game where sometimes a few people can land on or into a single building.

      In addition they have also removed some of the filtered above/below content if there’s direct line of sight between you and the other player.


      Audio for placing structures has been redesigned. If a player is quickly approaching your position and building ramps up to your structure then you will be able to hear a steady “chunk, chunk, chunk” as they place the structures. This will be able to heard at the same range you can hear players sprinting from. This means that hopefully it will be less likely for people to sneak up into your tower of terror at the end of the game and blast you with a pump shot gun.

      Big updates coming to the game. Are you looking forward to these changes or do you think these will change the change for the worse? Let us know!

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