Fortnite Player Ruins In-Game Funeral And Gets Absolutely Slaughtered

Remember the ‘Brave Rescue Attempt’ Fortnite meme? Let us give you a refresher.

Last week the YouTuber Muselk tried to bravely rescue a fellow player named Chappadoodle who had gotten stuck after falling from a cliff.

Off the map, Chappadoodle was unable to jump back into the game, and Muselk tried really hard to rescue the fallen player.

Unfortunately Chappadoodle lost his life, but it’s become of the best memes of Fortnite and even caught the eye of Epic Games.

Muselk recorded the footage, which quickly went viral and was even appreciated by the lovely people at Epic Games, who found the video absolutely hilarious.

The rescue attempt was even recognised in-game, with Epic Games including a tombstone where Chappadoodle ended up losing his life.

They also added in a few tyres to aid any players back up into the map should they fall to the same spot in the future.

Very funny and very well-played, Epic!

Anyway it’s now a week later, and because the internet is the internet, players have located the tombstone and are flocking over to hold ‘funerals’ for Chappadoodle.

Basically, a bunch of players will turn up to the grave, stand and maybe sing or be sad and then the game resumes as normal.

Of course a lot of players have been using these gatherings to their advantage, going all in on the mourners and killing as many as they can.

Others however, are becoming a meme in themselves.

A Reddit user by the name of TheDerpyTroller uploaded the following funeral footage to the R/FortNiteBR subreddit, with the caption: “So, I didn’t realize the grave was breakable at Chappadoodle’s funeral, my apologies everyone that was there ?”

You can watch the video here, and it’s absolutely perfect.


This is definitely our favourite Fortnite video, and you can check out more from TheDerpyTroller over on Twitch, at DerpyTrollerTV.

Have you paid your respects at a Chappadoodle funeral? Did you get taken out?