Fortnite Players On PlayStation Are Getting More Freebies 

If you play Fortnite on your PlayStation then you could be in for some freebies courtesy of the kind folks at Epic Games (and Sony, of course). 

A new Celebration Pack has just released on the PlayStation Store and it’s completely free if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber! 

The Store’s description states: “This is an exclusive PlayStation®Plus offer.

“Grab a glider, a pickaxe and a skydiving trail to represent your Victory Royale in style with the PlayStation®Plus Celebration Pack.

“This pack includes:

“- Flappy Glider – Controller Pickaxe – Skydiving Trail.” 

Three free items isn’t too shabby for a freebie! 

If you’re not a PS Plus subscriber then don’t worry – the Store page specifies that the free items are purely for cosmetic use only, so you’re not at a disadvantage without this pack, you just might not look as cool. 

The stylish pack will kit out your character in a snazzy blue ensemble with a Glider to match, but the best part might actually be the Controller Pickaxe. 

The axe will actually emit Squares, Triangles, Circles and Xs when you jump from the Battle Bus, which is an undeniably brilliant feature that we can’t wait to try out.

Although Fortnite’s most popular mode, Battle Royale, is free to play, there’s a tonne of available cosmetics and add-ons for players to purchase. 

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Epic Games has pulled in over $1 billion since the game first launched in summer last year, and it’s all down to the microtransaction within the title. 

It’s nice that Epic Games and PlayStation are handing out free goodies though – even if it is only for PS Plus subscribers… 

If you do have a subscription then you can check out the Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack right here. 

Will you be downloading this, and have you seen others using it in the game?