Fortnite Season 6 Teaser Could Be Showing Rideable Animals

As we all know, Fortnite‘s sixth season is on our doorsteps, and the Fortnite community had been holding its breath, wondering what the new season is going to bring. Now we’ve seen the release of something that’s been hinted at for a while – pets.

Epic Games is known for its zany and wacky challenges, skins, weapons and general updates each season – and each week – so we can definitely expect something pretty special from the addition of in-game animals.

Sharing a snippet of what we can expect from the new season to Twitter before the release of the patch notes, the official Fortnite account tweeted: “Saddle up! 2 days to Season 6.”

The image, showing what clearly looks to be a rider, along with a clip of a llama has led some to speculate that the new updates with bring something we all need – rideable animals. We know there’s pets, so why wouldn’t a llama be rideable? Especially with the tweet saying “saddle up”…

Rumours had been circulating about such a thing for a while now, after data miners uncovered the term ‘Pets’ in previous patch notes.

Now it’s been officially confirmed by Epic that yes, you will be able to have four-legged buddies helping you on your journey to that oh-so-sweet Victory Royale.

Season 6 isn’t just adding pets – Epic unveiled a new trailer for the season, which we now know is officially called Darkness Rises. Read all about it here.

Not every Fortnite fan is thrilled with the idea of the introduction of four-legged friends though. 

A Reddit user commented on one of the initial posts about in-game pets saying: “On one hand, I like the pets idea but on another it just seems like another thing to get bugged and cause more lag once all 100 people have pets running around at once. Hopefully it doesn’t cause any significant issues.” 

“Why do we need PETS in a battle royale,” asked another Redditer. “Maybe they should fix other things before they think about adding something so useless.” 

Other users speculated on how pups could actually be used in the game. They might appear in the same fashion as emotes, being available for a few seconds before disappearing, or they might give away your location in battle. 

Maybe now it seems we could be riding them?

What do you think we’ll see in season six?