Fortnite is adding Zombies to its Battle Royale Mode

Fortnite is adding Zombies into the immensely popular Battle Royale mode. These will be the first enemies that you can kill in the battle royale mode which aren’t controlled by other humans.

If you have been playing Fortnite recently then you will know that there are large areas of dark on the map. Here you can get little consumable cubes to make you invisible to other players. These corrupted areas is where you will find the zombies to kill and harvest from. These zombies will drop ammo, materials and shields. It is unknown currently whether these ‘Cube monsters’ will drop weapons as well.

Check them out in the Fortnitemare event trailer shown below:

YouTube video

There are plenty of other updates coming with the latest update including a limited-time crossbow weapon, the ability to redeploy gliders and some updates to playground.

The ability to redeploy gliders has already caused a stir in the Fortnite world as many players think that this is just a way to help players live longer if they build too high. It also means that we may be seeing a lot more ‘sky bases’ being made as it will be a lot easier to get down safely from the highest point on the map.

They have also put out a developer update recently talking about when Save the World game mode will become free to play for all players. Sadly those waiting for Save the World to become free will not be happy to hear that the game will not be free to play in 2018. That means you will have to wait a little longer to be able to shoot the zombies in another game mode. Although you can now shoot some zombies in the Battle Royale mode anyway so not a huge loss!

Do you like the addition of zombies to the battle royale game mode or would you rather see them kept in the Save the World game mode?