Fortnite’s Deep Dab Emote Is Providing An Unfair Advantage

If there wasn’t enough reasons to stop dabbing all over the place, Epic Games’ Fortnite is providing yet another.

It’s emerged that the game’s new Deep Dab Emote can actually be used as an exploit, providing a huge tactical advantage that’s causing a lot of ruckus in the game.

Credit: Epic Games

As discovered by Twitter user, TheFlexDaddy [via TheGamer], the exploit is as simple as you might think, and it’s very, very effective.

To make it work, all you need to do is build a wall and add in a window in the middle. Stand just to the left of the window and perform the Deep Dab Emote.

This will end up glitching your character under the window, popping you back up on the other side of the wall once the dab animation has played out.

Credit: Epic Games

You’ll be on the other side of the wall and ready to take out your opponent before they know what’s happening, earning you an easy – if not horribly unfair – win.

You can see Fortnite player TheFlexDaddy and his buddy demonstrating the exploit in the Twitter video below.

If this is something you want to make the most of in your matches, you can bet a Loot Llama that Epic Games is already working on a fix for this particular exploit.

Credit: Epic Games

In fact, it might already be patched out by the time you read this article. Epic Games likes to react quickly to the innovative ways in which players manipulate the tools they’re given in the many updates, fixes and bug patches put out by the developers at Epic.

The Deep Dab Emote has been available for a few weeks now, having been introduced to the game towards the end of June.

Have you tried – or been on the receiving end of – the Deep Dab exploit during a match in Fortnite?

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games