Fortnite’s Halloween event teased by Epic and Halloween Skins Leaked

Halloween is just around the corner and the world of Fortnite has been a bit quiet as of late. The strange cube and floating island have been all over the map and now are back to Leaky Lake (formerly Loot Lake) so it is definitely time for something else to happen now.

Fortnite’s Halloween event is coming and Epic Games have been teasing what is coming on their twitter. Check it out below.

Seems things will be in duos – at least at the start of the event and it might be that they are actually working against you rather than with you and you have to try and work out if they are a good guy or a bad guy.

The second tweet from Epic Games shows a cube in chains which could mean that it is an event to send the cube back to where it came from or at least get it under control. I am sure we will see more about the event very soon and I hope they do finally get rid of the cube. It’s been here way too long!

Epic Games have also shown off a free skin that is coming to Save the World. It is a recolour of one of the default skins which is also known as Jonesy.

However that isn’t the only skin coming in the next week or so on the lead up to Halloween as the data miners have uncovered some interesting finds in terms of skins accessories to go along with them.

The Spider skins (the two on the right) were in the shop on Sunday however these will probably come back around nearer Halloween. The one on the left looks a lot like the female bunny rabbit skin which was out for easter earlier in the year but now with with Durr Burger pictured on it.

Will you be picking up any of these skins or are you saving your money for the inevitable Santa Claus skin coming at Christmas?