Latest Spider-Man PS4 Update Trolls the Gamers who Criticised it

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Spider-Man is one of the biggest games of the year and is the fastest selling PS4 exclusive of all time. However if you remember when you first saw the gameplay trailer for the game you saw these puddles on the ground when Spider-Man was fighting. These were then removed from the main game when it was released and gamers were not happy about it.

‘Puddlegate’ as it came to be known was one of the strangest things that the gaming community has complained about and that is saying something. Gamers will complain about anything.

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The Spider-Man devs obviously took this odd criticism on board and have decided to troll these ‘haters’ with the newest update. Gil Doron have tweeted this about the new update.

Spider-Man is an already beautiful game and I don’t think these puddles will have changed much about it at all. This was definitely the best way to reply to the angry words about the removal of some floor water.

This isn’t the only update to the game either there are plenty of other additions to the game including a new “Ultimate” mode which makes the game even harder than it already is.

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