Latest Spider-Man PS4 Update Trolls the Gamers who Criticised it

Couldn’t have done it better myself… masterful piece of trolling.

Credit: Marvel/Sony/Insomniac Games

Spider-Man is one of the biggest games of the year and is the fastest selling PS4 exclusive of all time. However, if you remember when you first saw the gameplay trailer for the game you saw these incredibly detailed puddles on the ground. This was in the scene just before Spider-Man started fighting this gang of bad guys. These were actually then removed from the main game when it was released… And gamers were not happy about it. Not happy at all.

‘Puddlegate’, as it came to be known, is probably one of the strangest things that the gaming community has ever complained about, and that is saying something. Gamers will complain about anything. I mean literally anything, I have seen complaints about the new God of War saying that the Axe wasn’t shiny enough… C’mon.

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The Spider-Man devs obviously took this odd criticism on board and have decided to troll these ‘haters’ with the newest update. Gil Doron has tweeted this about the new update.

Spider-Man is an already beautiful game and I don’t think these puddles will have changed or added much to the overall aesthetic of the game at all. This was definitely the best way to reply to the angry words about the removal of some ‘floor water’.

This ‘Puddlegate’ debacle also feeds into why developers are so uneasy about showing off games that are still very much in the development phase. Devs know that gamers will be looking at every little thing that their teaser has to offer and if they like it and it doesn’t make it to the main game lord knows you are going to hear about it. Imagine pouring hours of your life into making one of the best games of 2018 to get multiple messages and tweets which are incredibly mad at you for removing a specific puddle from one tiny area of the game. If I was in that position I would add a new update to the game which turned New York city into a Spider-Man version of The Day After Tomorrow. Flood the whole god damn map and watch as players try and get from building to building with very limited success. Instead of having to stop stolen cars the player would have to stop stolen speedboats and somehow infiltrate nuclear submarines. Hold on… This might actually be a good idea. Insomniac, if you run with this please add me to that billboard which a player used to propose to his girlfriend. Cheers.


I would give Spider-Man a solid 9/10 – needs more floor water.

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