Forza Horizon 4 Just Got A 72-Car Battle Royale Mode

Forza, more like Wowza.

Credit: Playground Games

If you thought you’d seen the last of the battle royale genre then you’re out of luck, because a new update has brought the free-for-all battle mode to none other than Forza Horizon 4. To be fair, this is one battle royale you probably want to get involved in because it looks like absolute *chef’s kiss.*

The new game update, which is live from today (December 12), adds the Eliminator mode. There’ll be 72 players facing off in a race to the middle of an open-air arena as the map shrinks smaller and smaller.

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Credit: Playground Games

The winners of each match will nab themselves some sweet AF upgrades and faster cars. The best part is that the new mode will be entirely free (hooray!) so you literally have no excuse.

Eliminator mode was unveiled during a recent Forza livestream, and you can check out some clips of it in action via the video below.

Excitingly, the first user reviews for the new mode suggest it’s ever better than it looks.


Over on Twitter, gamer Stallion gave his opinion on Eliminator, writing of his experience: “Playground did it again. They are absolute wizards. Now we need Twisted Metal or Burnout Battle Royale car combat games. The Eliminator proves that those type of games could work very well if done right in a BR setting.”

Another user said: “OMG. Thank you forza love you from the bortom of my heart. This my people, is a car guy’s battle Royale.”

If you’re planning to give Forza Horizon 4’s new Eliminator mode a go then let us know your opinion!

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Featured Image Credit: Playground Games

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