Forza Horizon 5 Player Spends Nearly 4 Hours Beating Single Race

A Forza Horizon 5 player spent almost four hours just beating a single race, a time that must be at least some kind of record.

Generally the point of a race is to get the fastest time possible. It doesn’t matter what the sport is, you want to get to the finish line the quickest. That still applies to motorsports too. And Forza Horizon 5 is filled with challenges that require you to come first. But one player with the online handle ‘levihed6’ has managed to beat one race track in an unbelievable time of 3:52:08. Just eight minutes short of four hours. 

You might reasonably be thinking ‘Gamebyte, that sounds like the worst time they could possibly get.’ And you would be right in most other circumstances. Except this was The Goliath, and the car Reddit user levihead6 was using has a top speed of 8.9mph.

If you don’t know what The Goliath is, it’s a track in Forza Horizon 5 that goes around the entire map, with the race normally lasting between 10 and 20 real world minutes.

While that doesn’t sound too long, compared to other tracks in the game it certainly isn’t short. And when you choose to use a BMW Isetta, that time is multiplied by 23. It’s a genuinely impressive feat. The video posted above has impeccable comedic timing, adding a sense of excitement that feels almost satirical. If nothing else can be said of this, it certainly is some kind of an accomplishment. 

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Featured Image Credit: Playground Games