Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For Today

Nintendo announced on Twitter yesterday that it will host an Indie World Direct presentation later today. The presentation will be roughly twenty minutes long, and feature a number of indie games launching in the near future. As usual, you can probably also expect at least one ‘you can play it now’ title as well. 

Interestingly, Nintendo also held the same kind of presentation one year ago. The presentation was fairly minor in the grand scheme of things, but it did feature a Spelunky 2 on Switch announcement, and Super Meat Boy Forever. It also featured the surprise launch of Among Us on Nintendo Switch, as the game was released shortly after the conference. 

At around twenty minutes in length, fans can likely expect a similar slew of smaller announcements later today. Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase will go live at 5pm GMT in the UK, so just in time for when many people finish work. If you plan to watch the event, you can do so through the video link below. You could even keep the tab open and set a reminder if you are viewing through a desktop.

YouTube video

Based on a few of the biggest indie titles this year, I think we could maybe see a launch date for Sable on Nintendo Switch. Having launched on PC and Xbox, developers Shedworks have not yet announced a release date for PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Fall Guys also does not yet have a confirmed release date. Announced for Switch earlier this year, the game’s listing still currently states 2022. 

Elsewhere, we can probably expect to see a number of new indie titles, and ports of successful PC indie titles. You can probably also expect to see a torrent of people moaning in the live chat, asking where Breath Of The Wild 2 is, while boldly proclaiming that “no one cares about indie games.”

In other news, Epic Games is giving away dozens of video games in the run up to Christmas. Godfall Challenger Edition is currently free, and according to rumours Shenmue 3 will be the next game.


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[Featured Image Credit: Nintendo]