Left 4 Dead-Like ‘The Anacrusis’ Now Has An Early Access Release Date

Indie, 60s sci-fi Left 4 Dead-like The Anacrusis is coming out in early access January 2022, and will be making its way to Xbox Game Pass too.

The Anacrusis was first announced back in June, at The Summer Games Fest. It’s a four player co-op shooter, from former Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek and Riot designer Kimberly Voll. It has an incredible 60s sci-fi aesthetic, from the character designs, to the weapons, to the interiors of the space station it’s set on. And now, developer StrayBombay has announced the game is launching in early access January 13, 2022. 

When the game launches, there will be three episodes to play through. They will be feature complete, though it is important to note that as it is early access the levels might need some polishing. StrayBombay plan to have the game in early access for 9-12 months, adding new episodes and modes throughout that time. And they will be paying close attention to player feedback. 

YouTube video

It seems like you’ll have a variety of sci-fi abilities to use, like a force field that expels enemies away from you. Or the ability to stick a clump of enemies together against a wall. There seem to be a variety of weapons to choose from, including a flame thrower and an electricity beam.

StrayBombay have been posting fairly regular updates on its YouTube channel, with a number of dev blogs. So it’s likely we’ll see more of those as development on the game progress.

The Anacrusis will be available on Steam, the Epic Games store, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox when it launches. It will also be available on both the Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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Featured Image Credit: StrayBombay