Forza Motorsport Will Include Blind Driving Assists

With accessibility features becoming an important part of video gaming, Forza Motorsport is making waves by including an important feature.

The upcoming instalment in the Forza Motorsport franchise is set to be released later this year. In preparation for its release, Xbox have announced the title will include a Blind Driving Assist as part of its accessibility features.

Forza Motorsport Will Include Blind Driving Assists 

This news was announced earlier this week alongside a Youtube video showing accessibility consultant Brandon Cole playing through a demo. This demo shows how the mode will work for blind or low-vision players and shows how the game will implement audio cues to assist you. 

YouTube video

“This is bringing the triple-A racing genre to the blind community to the fullest,” says Cole in the demo. 

“We wanted to make this the most accessible Forza yet,” says Gameplay and Accessibility Producer, Neha Chintala. 

How does it work?

The accessibility feature will allow players to listen to detailed descriptions and get a preview of the audio cues before they hit the track. The audio cue will also provide information about your position on the track, how to approach upcoming turns, when to shift in manual mode and even information about the car.

These features are also available individually so you can customise them to suit your preferences.

Further accessibility options

Forza Motorsport will also include One Touch Driving which allows you to “race with whatever amount and combination of inputs you need”, according to the Xbox blog post. In order to achieve this, the team worked with players with various mobility and stamina disabilities. 

This will assist players who struggle to grip their controllers or press buttons simultaneously. 

Brandon Cole trying out the new Blind Driving Assists for Forza Motorsport
Credit: Xbox

Finally, a Screen Narration option will also be available. This can be adjusted to suit the individual by customising volume, pitch, speed controls and even a selection of narrator’s voices. 

“In the spirit of offering true customization, there are some brand new settings that provide control over screen narrator and its verbosity, such as reading list positions, navigational keywords, button hints, and more.”

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