Sony Announces More PlayStation Titles Are Coming To PC

Sony has revealed that more PlayStation games will be heading to PC within the next year. This news comes courtesy of their recent fiscal report.

Today saw Sony publish their fiscal year 2022 consolidated earnings report. The report spoke about a very successful year for the company but most importantly, it confirmed good news for PC players. 

Sony Announces More PlayStation Titles Are Coming To PC

The company announced that they will be “rolling out catalogue titles for PC”. However, they didn’t offer any additional information about what the games will be or when they will be released.

This perhaps comes as no surprise after the start of the year saw The Last of Us Part 1 heading to PC. Although it was after a ten year wait and did not have the best PC launch, it has paved the way for other Sony titles to come to PC. 

Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man and other former PlayStation exclusives have since launched on PC. However, it remains to be seen which other games will be making the leap from PlayStation 4&5 to PC. 

Sony brought Horizon Zero Dawn to PC despite originally being a PlayStation exclusive
Credit: Sony

What games could be coming to PC?

For now, we can only speculate over which exclusives will be coming to PC over the next year. Some fans believe the much-loved Ghost of Tsushima could be making the leap due to a change to the game’s box art last year. This change saw them remove ‘PlayStation exclusive’ from its cover. 

It’s worth noting however that Sony is not one to rush porting games to the PC so any new releases may take a while. However it’s exciting to know that this is a focus for them, especially considering we would never have imagined so many PlayStation exclusives… no longer being exclusive. 

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