Game Of Thrones Fans Convinced They Know Arya’s Next Victim

Game of Thrones finally dropped what will surely go down as one of the greatest episodes in the show’s incredible history. I personally, am still catching my breath.

The Long Night lived up to everything it was meant to, with the typical twists and turns that we’ve more than come to expect from the show. Even if it was a little on the dark side.

If you’ve not yet caught up with the latest episode, you’ll definitely want to look away now and go and watch it immediately. Seriously, go!

If you’re still with us…Arya f*cking Stark ladies and gentlemen, am I right?

After years of torment and training, it all paid off for Arya as she leapt into action and saved the seven kingdoms by plunging a Valyrian steel dagger into the stomach of the Night King thus defeating his army.

Following her heroics, fans are now convinced they know who Arya’s next victim will be. Any guesses?

Before Arya’s huge moment Melisandre repeated the prophecy that she had made the first time they met all the way back in season three. She told her she’d “shut many eyes forever. Brown eyes, green eyes… and blue eyes.”

The blue eyes comment is almost certainly a reference to the White Walkers – what about those other colours though?

Most people believe the brown eyes refer to Walder Frey who Arya killed in season six. The green eyes though, well those may very well belong to Cersei.

If Arya was to take out Cersei, surely that would overtake her previous favourite kill, which Maisie Williams claims is Meryn Trant.

Speaking about that defining moment, Williams said:

“I had turned 16 then,”

“So I had just started being able to work adult hours. Every time they went overtime, they ordered pizza. We’re talking a crew of 100 people, so this is a lot of pizza!

“And I was wearing that little nightie, and going, ‘Is the pizza here?’ and they were going, ‘One more take and you can have pizza’. I’d be covered in blood, and there was blood all over the dagger in my hand, and then I’d be stomping outside for a piece of pizza, gnawing on it.

“And I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is my life. I’ve given up school for this,’ and just thinking it was the coolest thing ever. So that was a fun death.”

Incredible stuff. I hope you are enjoying the last season of Game of Thrones as much as we are!