The Razer Toaster Is Finally A Reality And I Need One

Once upon a time in a land not too dissimilar to this one, the Razer Toaster meme was born.

Appearing as part of an April Fool’s joke from the tech giants, the Razer Toaster soon took on a life of its own, accumulating fans all over the world who really wanted the meme to become a reality.

Razer Toaster
Credit: Razer

Well, it looks like all of the Toaster’s fans’ dreams have become a reality, as it appears that yes, Razer is going to actually really actually manufacture a damn toaster. Maybe.

The now-infamous Give Us The Razer Toaster Facebook group, which now has over 44,000 likes, posted some exciting news that claims the toaster has been confirmed.

So how did this come about? Well, last year Fraghero reported on the Facebook group and its aims.

Razer Toaster
Credit: Razer

Razer’s very own Min-Liang Tan wasn’t only aware of the project – he actually agreed that if the Facebook page reached one million followers, he’d make the Razer Toaster a reality.

And…well. It happened.

Razer Toaster
Credit: Facebook

I mean…12 of the Razer Toaster fans got the damn thing tattooed on them, so really it’s the least Razer could do.

Last year, the Facebook page read: “I still believe that one day we can make it to 1 million likes. Yes it’s legit. Yes this whole movement is actually not a joke. I will continue to fight for this. My biggest hope is that Min-Liang Tan or Razer will notice more of our plight and support us in more ways.

“Min’s trolling has always been good fun and we’ll forever appreciate his engagement.”

Whether or not we’ll actually see the Toaster on shelves, or whether the core team of pro-Toaster advocates will be sent their own, remains to be seen.

Razer’s new quartz collection is overwhelmingly pink.

Well done, Team Razer Toaster! This is truly peak meme.

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Featured Image Credit: Razer.