Gamer Beats Portal Without Using His Mouse

You did read that title correctly. A guy completed Portal (The first one) without moving his mouse at all. What a strange thing to decide to try and achieve but one that will surely secure him a spot in the gaming history books for a few years at least!

Imanex uploaded the video to YouTube on July 24th 2017 and has managed to gain over 750,000 views on that video alone.

Imanex says “The entire game is completed inbounds without moving the in game camera which is typically controlled by the mouse. I’m quite happy to showcase this run.”. What this means is that he completes the game in full without using glitches/exploits without moving the camera around. When I first saw this headline I assumed that he would have to use a few glitches in the game to help him get around some of the harder, more extensive levels. In fact he has completed the game in full and is more than happy to do it again to show people that it is completely legitimate. A very odd but impressive skill to have.

Imanex has worked out a fairly easy way of ‘looking around’ by going in and out of portals at different angles. This will of course make you be fixed looking in a different direction. This is even more impressive to watch when he has to avoid robot guards and not fall into the deadly brown water pools. Just have a watch and tell us that you have the patience to do this sort of thing.

He also managed to completed the whole game in just under 38 minutes which makes me question my gaming abilities even more.

YouTube video

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