Worst and Funniest PUBG rip offs

PUBG revolutionised the Battleground genre in 2017 with many games adding a battlegrounds game as one of their modes or features. Notable mentions go to Fortnite and Paladins. These are of course good games in their own right, and though may have been inspired by PUBG’s success are still very much their own games. This list will explore the worst and Funniest games which have aimed to replicate PUBG in its entirety. Many of these ‘Rip offs’ are on mobile as well. This is never a good start when trying to replicate an incredibly graphics heavy game.

If you search ‘Battlegrounds’ on the Google Play Store then a whole plethora of apps come up and many of them look very familiar to us…

Anyway, on with the list:

BATTLE ROYAL Strike Survival online fps (Unreleased)

It seems that early access is even a thing in the world of mobile gaming as well now.

As you can see the graphics are second to none and I can only imagine how easy it will be to control your character with those Iphone screen buttons. I also like how one of the buttons has the outline of a bullet inside of it with the word ‘Send’ above it. I hope that that is actually the button to fire the gun you are holding.

Last Battleground: Survival

This may have better looking graphics than the last game we took a look at but trust us, it is just as bad. The running animation alone is enough to make us instantly uninstall this obvious PUBG ripoff. In this game they even have many of the items the same. Including the same upgrade system as PUBG. For example you can get level 1-3 vests just like in PUBG.

Unknown Battle Ground Royale

Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft and PUBG at the same time? Well you are very much in luck as this game, which has a name which is dangerously close to PUBG’s full name has fulfilled that wish. Sadly you can’t actually build minecraft style cover in this game but you can shoot at the minecraft shaped men which you drop into the incredibly flat map with.

Last Man Standing

Unlike the last 3 we just looked at this game is on PC and came out soon after PUBG was released onto steam. The pull that this game has that PUBG does not is that the games go a lot faster. These games are over in under 20 minutes whereas PUBG can last up to 40 minutes. This one has its similarities to PUBG but also can be very closely compared to H1Z1. The looting system is more like H1Z1 and the whole aesthetics of the game looks like a cross between h1Z1 and PUBG. To be fair to this game I would actually play this unlike the other three we have looked at…


This is a little different to PUBG but is largely similar and has a similar look and feel to it. This is again on PC and just looking at it reminds us of PUBG.

Would you play any of these games or will you be sticking to PUBG? Let us know what you think!