Gamer Believes Secret Message In Borderlands 3 Trailer Reveals Release Date

Last week Gearbox finally – finally – showed the world a first glimpse at the next addition to the Borderlands franchise – Borderlands 3.

The game had been teased for a while, with very overt references not very well hidden in tweets, and more subtle clues dropped in morse code of all things.

Credit: Gearbox

Gearbox’s devotion to teasing has been made very, very clear, and it’s caused fans of the series to go through the reveal trailer with a fine-toothed comb.

One Borderlands fan in particular has stumbled upon something that could very well be a potential release date for the game – at least, that’s what people are hoping.

Credit: Gearbox

Redditor¬†Zottelpanda¬†posted what could be a very interesting insight on Reddit, saying: “okey listen guys.

“The release date is hidden in the [Borderlands] trailer. on the timemark 1:39 you can see a big white building in the background. On 1:52 you see that there’s a 10 on this building.

“Now on 1:41 you can see a 01 on one of the skyscrappers [sic]. both are the same font.

“So on the timemark 1:39 you see the Building with the 10 and on 1:41 you can see the 01 on the skyscrapper [sic]. there is nothing in between those two scenes. :D”

So, those numbers give us two potential dates – if they are dates – January 10 and October 1st.

Credit: Reddit

Most fans on the thread are leaning towards an October release date, not only because this would be the American date-reading of the two numbers, but also because October would be a very important date in the Borderlands timeline…

As one user pointed out: “October would he a nice release date as borderlands 1 turns 10 in October so it could happen.”

What do you think? Is this another cryptic clue from Gearbox, or just some random numbers in the trailer?





Featured Image Credit: Gearbox