Gamer Goes Viral For ‘Destroying PC’ After Horizon Zero Dawn PC Reveal

PlayStation’s Horizon Zero Dawn has been confirmed for PC, and one gamer’s reaction has gone to viral thanks to its saltiness. The Guerrilla Games classic will be leaving Sony platforms for the first time, and though this means more people than ever will be able to experience the magic of HZD, not everyone was thrilled with the news.

Credit: Guerrilla Games

As GG took to Twitter to share the announcement, one user responded with a video of what appears to be a smashed computer that they seemingly destroyed following the announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC.

They captioned the clip writing: “Great way to spend my birthday. Thanks for f*cking nothing @PlayStation @Guerrilla @hermenhulst @yosp decades thrown away and now it was all for nothing.”

The clip, which has over 600k views at the time of writing, has caused a lot of controversy for gamers on Twitter, with thousands of people shocked at the video.

One user responded to the tweet with: “…am I to understand that dude is effectively so mad that HZD isn’t a PS4 exclusive anymore that his response was to….break some of his PC set up?

“Rather than……get it for PC and enjoy the experience again?”

Another said: “No jokes here: if this is your response to a Sony exclusive being announced for PC, that isn’t healthy. Games should never make you react in this way, especially if it’s just an announcement and you aren’t even playing them.”

It’s not too clear whether or not the original tweet is a joke, but from later tweets shared by the user, it seems to not be the case.

For those who are excited for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, it’s expected to land sometime in summer, though an exact date has yet to be revealed.

Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games