Gamer Is Selling Incredibly Detailed Copies Of RDR2 Arthur’s Journal

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the defining games of this generation, and it’s amassed millions of fans who just can’t get enough of it.

One fan in particular has taken his love for the game to the next level – by painstakingly recreating Arthur Morgan’s journal in incredible detail.

Credit: PurpleMonkeyLtd

Sharing the masterpiece on Reddit, user JamesyMonkey writes: “Finally completed my replica journal, after three months.

James goes into more detail about the process of creating the masterpiece, writing: “Every journal is handmade, printed on machine aged paper identical to paper from 1890, hand-stitched and bound to a leather cover.

Credit: PurpleMonkeyLtd

“Inside, every journal entry from Arthur is accounted for and recorded. Every moment, point of interest, animal and plant that Arthur discovers has been replicated here.

“On top of that, key documents, letters, cigarette cards, newspaper clippings and photographs are placed throughout the journal, amassing over 100 items to look at. These are all replicated with sourced fonts, hand drawings and using references from in-game photographs.

“Each journal takes around 3-4 weeks to make and is definitely a worthwhile collectible for a fan of the game.”

Credit: PurpleMonkeyLtd

As he warns on Reddit, the journal isn’t cheap. It’ll set you back £500 GBP for the complete version. It might seem to be a hefty price tag, but this is a collectible piece that’s taken a serious amount of work and dedication.

Who’s going to buy me this, then?

Featured Image Credit: PurpleMonkeyLtd