Gamer Recreates Iconic Spider-Man Movie Posters In-Game

A smart and patient fan has carefully recreated Spider-Man movie posters using Marvel’s Spider-Man on a PS5. The amazing recreations were done by Rock Rider, graphic designer for The Escapist.

Rock has created The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 movie posters using the photo mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man. They are so accurate – they are almost identical to the original posters! Rock managed to angle Spidey’s poses, time the images to give the perfect skyline and even create the web effects. Who knew you could use a PS5 to create movie posters?

While Rock does edit together several images and elements to create the images – everything you see in the posters comes from the game’s own content. Rock described the work that went into the recreation of the Spider-Man 2 poster:

“The most hardest recreation poster I’ve ever done! I put double the effort to get the most accurate position and color tone everything to like much original as possible! Yes what you’re seeing is all from IN-GAME”

Rock’s work has been lauded on Twitter. TheGamer noted that Insomniac Games retweeted the latest posters. Maybe the developer will even hire them to do official posters and key art for the upcoming Spider-Man 2, which is confirmed to be in development.

What do you think of these amazing, web-slinging creations? Which poster should Rock Rider tackle next? Let us know on our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Insomniac Games