Gamers Claim Epic Games Store Makes Them Stop Pre-Ordering Games

The Epic Game Store has caused nothing but controversy since it launched late last year, with many gamers choosing to boycott the store front amidst exclusivity scandals.

It seems that the Epic Store isn’t just frustrating to those who prefer to keep their games all within Steam, but also for those who used to preorder games in general.

Credit: Epic Games/Marvel

Over on Reddit, a post by user nomnaut is gaining traction as the gamer explains just how EGS has changed the way they view preordering.

“I used to be tempting by early announcements of games on Steam. Pre-order this, get a bonus for that, early beta access over here, etc,” writes nomnaut.

“Of course, I stopped that behavior (for the most part), knowing full well that I should wait for reviews; that, in fact, I was enabling publishers’ behaviors by pre-ordering games. But sometimes, I just wanted to support developers I really loved and I didn’t care what the final product was going to look like.

“But then EGS came along and started poaching games for their store exclusivity, and more than once they were games that were already being advertised on Steam.

Credit: Epic Games

“So now, without being able to even guarantee the launcher the game will be available on, I no longer pre-order games. Any game. Ever. It’s not worth the risk.”

The post, which has nearly four thousand upvotes at the time of writing, has been flooded with comments of people echoing the same sentiment.

One user responded to the thread writing: “The only way to now be playing Metro Exodus on Steam was actually pre-order the game on Steam. But EGS has pretty much killed the want to support developers early.”

Credit: Valve

Many other commenters chimed in to state that preordering games, which is something that’s come under fire a lot over the past few years, should be avoided anyway – regardless of the store client.

“You should’ve already known not to pre order,” writes one commenter.

The OP signs off the thread with: “So thank you EGS, for making PCgaming better by making us realize that we should never pre-order games.”

Has the Epic Game Store changed your stance on preordering games?

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