Gamers Petition For Crash Bandicoot Redesign Following Latest Trailer

Earlier this week we got to see the new look for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. The upcoming new Crash game is set to land later this year, and although it looks like an absolutely wild ride, it seems not all gamers are thrilled about the new design.

Credit: Activision

A petition has been started in an attempt to get the game reassessed, on the grounds that the new Crash is *checks notes* “horrible.”

The user who started the petition writes: “The game looks fantastic, and we hardcore fans from the 90’s have been waiting for a true sucesor [sic] to Warped. But THIS IS NOT IT. 
It could be, if we didn’t have this horrendous Crash’s redesign worthy of bad Crash games like Mind Over Mutant, or Skylanders.”

Credit: Activision

The petition continues: “Remember SONIC’s MOVIE? Well, they are repeating the same mistake, now they need to Change the design before it’s too late.”

At the time of writing, the petition has just over 500 signatures, suggesting it’s just a small number of people who are displayed with Crash’s new look. Personally, I think he looks great and I’m thrilled for the upcoming game.

Credit: Naughty Dog

In related news, players of The Last of Us Part 2 are also fighting for a game change, this time to rewrite the story.

Started by one “Joel Miller,” the petition [spotted by PSU] praises Part 2’s “great game play, graphics, and mechanics,” but adds that “the story was extremely bad.”

Credit: Naughty Dog

“We want ND to remake the game with the scenes they provided at every trailer with Joel and not model swap him from flashbacks,” writes the user. “We need a remake for this game because this was a massive disrespect for every fan that waited 7 years for this sequel, and we need to get what we deserved and it was not this game.”

At the time of writing this, the petition has just shy of 20,000 signatures. Likely to be one of the most expensive games of all time, from one of the most dedicated studios in the world, you have to feel bad for the staff members who’ve spent the last half a decade working on the project when a petition like this comes around.


Featured Image Credit: Activision